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Local police and bars are dealing with tough to spot fake IDs, all due to the internet. But now authorities are turning to social media to crack down on underage drinking.

Police said being a college town, underage drinking will always be an issue in Kearney. They urge those providing the alcohol to be vigilant when checking those IDs.

"We know for years there has always been an issue with minors drinking alcohol, and I don't ever see that going away," said Investigator Dan Warrington with the Kearney Police Department.

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Hidden ' The All 'success In Rate Secret Access Your Tinder How To "People who work at night see these kids come in and they are the ones that they've caught, so they write their names down, so just as we know if they happen to come in with a different ID we need to get a hold of someone to fix that," said Bill's Liquor sales clerk Brandon Josjor.

Kearney authorities say they see three different types of bogus identification. "A fraudulent, forged or counterfeited ID, you have an altered ID, then you have what we call a borrowed ID," Warrington said.

Technology has made premium scannable cards easier for teens to get their hands on.

"They do seem pretty legitimate until you actually handle them and look at them in detail," Josjor said.

"For the most part, it is probably not even within the state," Warrington explained about the where the excellent IDs are made. "We have a lot of companies that produce novelty ID."

KPD said there are at least two reports of fake IDs a month.

"It also relies a lot on whether or not the vendors are contacting us too when they find these identifications," Warrington said.

"I would say in a couple of months we would get maybe one or two, so I would say no more than 10 to 12 a year," said co-owner of Cunningham's Journal Wousef Gahamedi.

"The number of them out there, it certainly seems as though the number is big enough to have concern if we are catching this many a month, you know, and that's just our store," Josjor said.

Besides carefully checking the characteristics on driver's licenses, officers want those checking IDs to watch behavior, ask questions and to even double check on Facebook.

"How they are displaying themselves as far as date of birth maybe on social media matches what the identification says. I think it could be a valuable resource," Warrington said.

"Our entire business relies on verifying the age of our customers, if we don't do that we don't have a business," Josjor said.

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